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Time is of the essence for weight loss

Time is of the essence for weight loss

30th July 2015

The choices you make are so important when it comes to losing weight and staying healthy, but even if you’re doing the right things, are you doing them in the right order?

Studies show that your body clock plays a key role in how your body burns fat. Understanding what your body wants to do, and when, can make a huge difference to your health regime.

Drinking ice-cold water first thing is a great way to start the day – as well as keeping you hydrated, it forces your system to expend extra energy bringing the water up to your core body temperature. Couple this with an early workout and you’ll encourage your body to burn existing fat reserves – after breakfast, you’ll simply burn off what you’ve just eaten, and that’s not the object of the exercise!

Resist the urge to snack mid-morning and you’ll be more likely to stick to three square meals a day. The traditional advice is true – don’t save your biggest meal for the evening. By eating 40% of your daily calorie intake at lunchtime, you increase the chances of burning more of your body weight.

Keeping meal times regular is also essential. A late dinner is bad news, as your body needs a 14-hour gap from eating until you wake up the next morning. So don’t postpone your evening meal, and be sure to get some exercise afterwards to bring your blood sugar levels down.

Finally, hit the hay at a respectable hour. Your body needs rest, and seven to eight hours will reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which also regulates your appetite. That’s right, getting enough sleep can help you lose weight… what’s not to like?