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Getting into better health habits

Getting into better health habits

25th August 2015

If you want to change your lifestyle, establishing a routine is paramount. But how can you conquer all those old bad habits?

There’s no magic to creating an effective routine. It’s simply a case of deciding on the things you need to do each day to achieve your goals, and… doing them like clockwork. It doesn’t come naturally, so a conscious effort (and sometimes a lot of it) is required.

For some people, a complete lifestyle reboot is required – no compromise, no sentiment, no room for any negative influences. This can be hugely effective if you stick to it, but it can feel a little “cold turkey”, potentially leaving you feeling a little lost. If the magnitude of the change is a little overwhelming, it can be easy to slip back and justify it by telling yourself that the whole thing was all a bit extreme.

If an all-out overhaul is too drastic or simply impractical for you, it might be better to make gradual changes. This works well for a lot of people, as long as you keep making the changes and don’t slip back. Little steps can lead to big changes, as long as they’re always little steps in the right direction.

The most important message here is – stick at it! The world is full of tempting cream cakes, and at some point you may not be able to resist. Don’t waste time beating yourself up over it, just chalk it up to experience and get back into your healthy routine.

The good news is, once you’ve got your routine sorted and you’re achieving your health goals, your body will be more efficient at burning calories so you can allow yourself a treat now and then without worrying!